Cloud Server

Host:, Port: 23564

Validation Method

HTTP Tunnel Authorization Mode:

Request Header
Authentication is done in the form of a username/password, which is eventually converted into a 『Proxy-Authorization』 protocol header to be sent with the request.
To facilitate access to some languages, the platform also supports tunneling through the 『Authorization』 header.

Service Access Steps

  1. After signing up for an account at heliuscloud, purchase a traffic package from customer service.
  2. After purchasing the traffic package, log in to the management system and go to 'Purchase History' to view the traffic package.
  3. Each account can have several proxy accounts. Each proxy account has its own account name and password, which corresponds to the "username" and "password" authorized by the proxy for verification.
  4. After logging in to your heliuscloud account via the browser plug-in or heliuscloud client, simply select your IP region and proxy account and you are ready to go.
  5. When using HTTP tunnels in code, if the HTTP request method of the code does not support setting authentication information in the form of user name/password, you need to manually add a "Proxy-Authorization" protocol header for each HTTP request, the value of which is "Basic <string >". The value of "<string >" is the proxy account "account_region_abbreviation" and "access_key", which can be omitted if no region is specified by ":". When set correctly, all outgoing requests will contain HTTP protocol header information in the following format.
Proxy-Authorization: Basic proxyUser:password

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