Ad Verification

Ad Verification

500w+ geographically targeted residential IPs to verify advertising and affiliate link compliance
How important is ad verification?

1. performance managers and affiliated marketers know that verifying their inventory and availability through DSPs, SSPs, and AD servers has become part of today's advertising world.

2. ensure that online advertising campaigns have never been more important from the perspective of verifying affiliate links, verifying the correct placement of ads on publisher sites, and ensuring the absence of malware.

3. When their partners are visiting their website, they may take the opportunity to give them the wrong information.

How can we avoid these problems?
Tomato Accelerated Residential IP, Easily Restore Web Transparency

You can ensure the accuracy of the campaign data you want to verify by mimicking the real users in the cities and even carriers and ASNs targeted by the campaign. By providing access to real user IPs, Tomato Acceleration treats you as a customer, not a partner, and allows you to collect accurate campaign data to truly verify the compliance of your ads and links.

Why Choose heliuscloud?
Secure, stable and highly anonymous, providing you with comprehensive solutions
Easy to develop widgets
Copy code to use directly
Labor and material savings
Increasing Efficiency
Security and Stability
High anonymity
Global 240+ territories
Approximately 500 watts
High Quality IP
Different billing methods
Billing by traffic sessions
Cost effective
Total Solution